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February 17, 2006

New widgets for Google's personalized homepage

Just saw this story on Digg - it looks like Google has quietly added a large number of customizations for their personalized homepage. Some of them are pretty silly, but there are some gems here and there. I've been using Google's personalized homepage since they introduced it. It's a great way to keep track of news stories via RSS, and it's seamlessly integrated with Google's other applets (I use Gmail and Google Groups in addition to the search engine). Cool stuff.

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February 05, 2006

SED Displays Coming Soon

There's a new display technology on the horizon that's sure to sound the death knell for CRT displays: SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display).  Essentially, this technology marries the thin physical size of LCDs/PDPs with CRT-like technology and image quality (IQ).  I have been holding on to my CRT Monitor (an NEC MultiSync FE1250+ 22" display) because I love the fast response time and color reproduction.  I've purchased flat-panel displays for both my wife's and son's PCs.  Since I use my PC as a gaming platform, I haven't migrated yet.  However, I would love to have a monitor that takes up less desk space without the limitations of LCDs (ghosting, slow pixel response).  If SED technology is as good as the article implies, I may finally give up my big bulky CRT.

Read about SED from Canon's site.