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May 06, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite

I finally broke down and purchased an Xbox 360. I've been considering the purchase for quite a while now, but couldn't bring myself to plop down the cash. When Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Elite earlier this year, I knew the time was ripe. The biggest draw for me was the HDMI connection, as I like the simplified connectivity. I was also very interested in the new black chassis. The white chassis never really grew on me, and I thought it would stick out like a sore thumb in my gaming room. I ordered mine online from EBGames, as they were offering a bundle that included an extra controller and charging kit. Normally, I eschew console bundles, but this one was practical, for once. I also ordered a copy of Lost Planet, as it was supposed to be a good game.

Unfortunately, when I received the console, it had a cracked bezel. In addition, the USB door on the front was jammed, so it was impossible to use the USB ports. I was able to get it exchanged without incident, and was up and running in time for the weekend.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. I wasn't all that thrilled with Lost Planet, but I downloaded a few games from Xbox Live that were a lot of fun (including Worms and Geometry Wars). I also played a few of the demos that were pre-installed, including Burnout Revenge. I already have Burnout Revenge for my PS2, but I think I'll pick it up for the Xbox 360 as well. It will be a good way to rack up some achievement points. I am glad I waited to purchase the console, however. Over the past couple of months, the game library has started to fill out, so there are more titles from which to choose. Hopefully, the PS3 will see the same evolution over the next 6 months or so.