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    Recent News
    September 14, 2002 - The Time Has Come...

    You've probably noticed that this site hasn't been updated in a long, long time (almost 2 years, in fact). Psygnosis is no more, and apparently no publishers are continuing the Lemmings license. So, it's time to call it quits - I will no longer update this site. The site will remain up on the web for everyone to continue to visit, but no more content will be added.

    I've removed all of the downloads from my server. Unfortunately, I need the space for other projects. But don't fret...there is an excellent download source at Lemmings Universe. Please visit this site for demos, media and other Lemmings-related downloads.

    I'll be shutting off the email address as well. If you need information on where to buy the games etc., please refer to the FAQ section.

    Thanks go out to everyone who has visited and supported this site over the past 6 years. They've been fun, but it's time to move on. So long!

    The Lemmings Compendium