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Random Thought Before Bed

I'm sitting here inattentively "watching" G4 and wondering to myself, "how can this network stay in business?" There are very few commercials, and most of the "filler" airtime is comprised of random gamer interviews (what an honor) or vidcaps of various games being played.

In fact, there is very little content worth watching on this channel, unless you don't own a game console and need to get your fix somehow. The worst program on this network by far (and believe me, this isn't saying much) is Portal, which chronicles some guy named Dave's alternative life through massively-multiplayer games like Everquest and Asheron's Call. It's very bizarre and nonetheless quite idiotic.

On the other side of the coin, TechTV has come a long way in the past year. I used to think it was pretty lame, as much of its programming was composed of repeats of The Screen Savers and Call for Help. However, their schedule now seems to be heading in the right direction with programming like Anime Unleashed and X-Play. Yes, The Screen Savers and Call for Help are still there, but at least now they are a smaller percentage of the whole (and TSS is interesting to watch now and then...there, I said it).

I still don't get Thunderbirds though. Maybe I'm missing something.


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