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My System is Cursed

OK, this is ridiculous. After nearly two months of stability, my system decided to throw me for a loop the other day. I was enjoying a session of Bioshock Sunday morning, when my system hard-locked in the middle of the game. Thinking it was just a random lockup, I used the trusty three-finger salute (i.e. CTRL-ALT-DEL) to get out of the game and back into the operating system. When that didn't work, I hit the reset button.

Unfortunately, nothing happened after that.

The system wouldn't POST. The power LED was lit, and the fans, video card and drives appeared to be spinning up, but there was no response otherwise. As a similar situation had happened before, I had a sinking feeling that my processor had died. Sure enough, when I popped in a different processor (a Core 2 Duo E4500), my system fired right up. Fortunately, the processor is still well within its warranty period, so Intel will replace it (I've already set up an RMA with them).

For the life of me, I can't figure out why the processor would have failed. I don't overclock, and none of the components in my system are particularly exotic. The Intel tech with whom I spoke couldn't offer any good explanations either, especially since the processor seemingly had been running well for 5 months. He said it could be a faulty power supply, or an electrical surge from the main. I'm definitely going to test out the power supply to make sure it's not the problem. I'm also going to replace my aging APC SmartUPS 750, as it could be preventing surges from coming through to the PSU. It's possible that my PSU could be pulling too much load for it to handle.

I've also decided to use this as an excuse to upgrade my motherboard, since it too could be the problem. Intel released its new P35 chipset a couple months ago, so it's a good time to upgrade. I'm going to try an abit board this time, as Asus' quality seems to be taking a turn for the worse these days. I'll then use my old motherboard in either the family PC or the HTPC in the den.


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