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New Toy

I've decided to pick up the guitar again. I've owned a classical guitar for about 10 years, and took lessons for a while. I didn't stick with it because my teacher wasn't very good, and the classical guitar is more difficult to learn than the electric (in my opinion).

So, I decided to purchase an electric guitar and amplifier. I decided on a Fender Stratocaster HH and a Vox AD30VT amplifier. The Stratocaster HH uses dual humbucker pickups instead of the standard three singles. This supposedly results in a "fatter" or warmer sound. My reason for choosing this configuration was purely aesthetic, however. The HH models use a black pick guard instead of the standard white, and I liked the way the black looked against the Electron Blue finish I chose. I chose the Vox AD30VT not only because Vox has a good reputation, but also because it uses both analog amplificaton and digital effects. The AD30VT is a "modeling" amplifier, as it can model different types of amps, depending on the sound you want. It also has a suite of standard effects (chorus, flanger, phaser etc.), so you don't have to go out and buy a slew of effects pedals.

My interest in the guitar piqued again for a couple of reasons. First, I bought a digital piano for my wife earlier this year. She has picked up her piano skills (she played as a child) and has really been enjoying the piano. I have a strong music background as well, having played both the piano, French horn and mellophone in my youth. Getting the piano re-awakened my interest in music again. Second, both of my brothers play guitar. So, I have a ready resource for questions and tips.

I've really enjoyed playing around with the guitar and the effects on the amp. My next challenge is to find a guitar teacher worth his salt. Hopefully I can find someone who will challenge me and teach me the instrument properly.


I came across a guitar course today called "Learn and Master the Guitar." The course consists of DVDs, printed materials (presumably sheet music) and CDs. Looks like it's a pretty good package. I've been using Fender's Getting Started on Electric Guitar for the past couple of months, and it's pretty decent. One thing I don't like is that you have to fire up the DVD player and TV to do the courses. Maybe this new course will offer the best of both worlds.

Posted by: Deinonych [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 17, 2007 05:37 PM

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