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Echoes of Faydwer

The new expansion for Everquest II (EQ2) - Echoes of Faydwer - was released yesterday. This expansion is unique (compared to the other two EQ2 expansions) in that it provides content for all level ranges, not just the high levels. The previous two expansions - Desert of Flames and Kingdom of Sky - offered content for the upper level ranges (50-70) with little content for the lower ranges.

The expansion introduces a new continent, Faydwer, a new race (the Fae) and city (Kelethin) as well as a ton of new quests and items. There are new "tinkering" and "transmuting" tradeskills, which allow crafters to enhance items. Also introduced is the ability to wear cloaks. Guilds within the game can customize the cloaks with heraldry and other designs. All in all, it's a huge expansion, and I'm really looking forward to discovering all the new areas.

I created a new Fae character in the city of Kelethin. The Fae have a few abilities not found in other races. The most notable is their ability to glide down from high places. This comes in handy in the starting areas around Kelethin, as the city is built into the tops of several large trees. Where most characters would fall to their deaths from such heights, the Fae simply glide down softly to the ground. The starting areas around Kelethin are quite exquisite, with lush greenery, large forested areas, and undulating terrain. The starter quests are pretty standard fare (go retrieve X items for a reward), but they do have a nice storyline that immerses your character in the lore of the Fae. I was able to get to level 7 with just a 3-4 hours of play, which is about the right pace for me.

I'm looking forward to exploring more of the new continent with my other characters. As it stands, I have characters at just about every level range, so I'll be able to actively enjoy the content in many of the new areas.


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