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    The Sports Levels Walkthrough

    Sports 1: Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe

    NOTE: If this is your first look at the SPORTS World, the exit is a golf green with a flag in the cup. This first level is very cleverly designed and is fun to watch. You will lose a few lemmings but still get a gold medal. This entire set of levels is a bit more challenging than most levels in The Tribes (in my opinion).

    The lemmings will start by being transported by 2 trampolines and a jet of steam. Make the leader a Flame Thrower and have him burn a hole through the pipe on his right. The next time the lemmings land, immediately make someone a Bomber. Now watch the action. (The lemmings who are lost are caused when too many lemmings hit the trampoline below at the same time and overload it. I lost three). The lemmings will finally end up on a platform under a red feathered dart stuck into a red checkered block. The first one to reach the pipe on the left should burn through it and the next one to the left as well. Then they're home free with a gold medal.

    Sports 2: School Sports Day

    Make the lead lemming a Scooper to the right of the entrance. As soon as the lemmings begin to walk down the ramp underneath, make 2 of them Fillers to fill the pit below. Make someone a Flame Thrower to burn a hole through the wall on the right. Now use 3 Filler skills to fill the pit on the right side of the wall. As soon as someone walks up on the ledge on the right side of the pit, make him a Roper and have him set the grappling hook high up on the left side wall. When someone gets up to the ramp on the left side, have them Rope up to the ramp ahead of the exit flag. To release the lemmings trapped in the pit in the lower left corner, the easiest way is to make someone a Twister and guide him through to the right. If he fails to get all the way through, finish the job with Flame Throwers.

    Sports 3: The Octathalon!

    When the leader gets to the tennis racket, make the next lemming an Attractor. Free the leader if necessary by making him a Jumper. When he drops off the landing platform, make him Platform once to the right. He will turn back to the left at the pool table. When he drops into the pit make him a Filler 3 times to get out of it. When he walks to the right, let him walk down to the next platform and have him Platform to cover the hole in the floor ahead of the pipe. Now leave him alone until he gets to the ledge above the red feathered dart. Make him Platform once from the ledge. Go back and release the other Lemmings.

    Sports 4: RRRACKETEERZ!

    The lemmings will follow a very lengthy route to the exit. Make the leader jump over the hole in the top rope, then over the red knob. Now make him a Runner and leave him alone until he gets to the gap above the green checkered block. Make him Platform across the gap. The next time he will need your help is when he gets to the right side of the water tank below. When he arrives have him Rope up to the green checkered block. When he gets to the left edge of the block have him Rope down to the steel block. Now go back and release the other lemmings by making someone a Fencer to cut through the small block ahead of the tennis racket.

    Sports 5: Blow Back...

    Make the 1st lemming a Stomper to get through the pipe below the entrance. The jet of steam will boost everyone up to a platform to the right of the entrance. At this time you may want to speed up the game until the last lemming has gotten on the platform, then quickly slow the action to normal speed. You will now have about 4 chances to get one of the lemmings on the platform to Jump the gap over to the trampoline and hence boosted up to the top where he will use a small red valve to shut off the steam jet used at the beginning. (No, there is no "shutoff steam jet skill" - for once a lemming doesn't have to be told what to do). Now make someone a Stomper in the middle of the platform where all the lemmings are waiting. The first one who walks to the left and drops into a pit created by the course of the steam pipes should be made a Filler. When a lemming goes far enough left, have him Stomp down to land on the pipe ahead of the steam jet. This will kick everyone upstairs from where they can walk to the exit.

    Sports 6: Double Trouble

    When the 1st lemming walks to the left end of the landing platform, but before starting down the ramp, make him Rope to the upper left corner. One lemming will get by. Make him a Rock Climber, then make him a Fencer to get into the long vertical shaft on the left. As soon as the opening is created, make him a Jumper before he can carve any material on the left side side of the shaft. When he climbs up the shaft and turns back to the right, you can either make him a Platformer or a Jumper to get across. He will then climb up on the right side and get on the platform on the right. When he turns back to the left, make him Platform across to the ramp leading to the exit. Before he gets to the exit, make him a SuperLem and guide him to the bottom of the ramp on the right. The instant he lands, make him an Exploder before he can get up. He should explode in time to create an opening over the lemmings trapped below. When they come out make someone a Fencer through the obstacle. Result: Gold medal.

    Sports 7: The Sun Sign Selection

    Have the lead lemming Jump over the little green block, then on to the metal block and over to the trampoline from where he will be propelled over to the ropes strung between 2 red poles. Have him Jump the break in the top rope, then over the red post on the right. When he goes up the ramp and arrives at the gap, make him a Shimmier. When he gets to the other side make him a Pole Vaulter. He must land on the metal block ahead of the trampoline. Make him Jump on the trampoline and fall down the shaft on the right. Have him Jump over the golf ball, then make him a Shimmier again. While waiting you can use the fan to get the chain going. Have him Jump across the tennis ball and onto the chain (no small feat - you just have to be lucky). Get the chain going again and drop him on the left side. Let him walk to the left (don't use the trampolines). Have him Jump over the small gap in the red checkered block and when he enters the water make him a Kayaker (this guy is having so much fun it's a shame he'll not be able to go on with his friends - sigh.) After he gets out of the Kayak and walks to the wall and turns around, make him a ballooner. Guide his balloon up over the top platform with the slot in the bottom. Have him Platform over the gap on the right and bid him farewell, good show, chin up and all that. Now back to the landing platform. Select someone in a group of lemmings moving to the right and make him a Magno Booter (ta da!). When he gets below the landing platform make him a Laser Blaster and have him blast through to the left of the green block above.

    Sports 8: Run the Risk

    Make the lead lemming a Pole Vaulter and have him land on the "U" shaped pipe on the right. When he drops down and heads left make him Platform across the large gap. When he gets to the ramp with the green checkered block under it, make him Platform once to the wall on the left. When he turns left, make him an Archer and have him set two arrows back to back just under the edge of the ramp on the right. (Have him delay the second arrow so it will slant down some). When he walks to the right again, make him Build ONCE up to the tail of the 2nd arrow. When he walks across the large gap again to the other side, make him a Stomper and have him Stomp down as far as the 1st green line in the stonework on his right. When he gets to that line, make him a Fencer. When he completes fencing, make him a Builder twice. Make him Build across the next two gaps. Just before he drops down to the exit flag, make him a Stomper. When he's about half way down, make him a SuperLem, but DON'T MOVE YOUR CURSOR anywhere. Now go back to the landing platform and have someone Stomp through the green block just to the left of the metal portion of the platform.

    Sports 9: The Nervous Network!

    Make the 1st scout Jump out of the pit and make him a Glue Pourer to get across the water. As he is walking across the "glue" bridge make him a Slider. When he gets to the other side, make him a Bomber. When he turns around to the left make him a Rock Climber. (You can speed up the game now if you wish). When he has climbed almost to the top of the wall on the right, reduce speed, select a Shimmier skill and make him one when he finishes climbing. (Speed up the game once more if you want). Just before he gets to the wall on the left, reduce speed again if necessary, select a Jumper skill and make him one as soon as he turns to the right. He will climb the green checkered block and slide down into a "U" shaped pipe. When he is walking left, make him a Bomber. When he gets to his feet, make him a Scooper. He will now make his way down to a pipe with a red ball below and a green checkered block holding things together. When he is on the checkered block make him Jump to the right. When he turns around and gets back to the 90 degree pipe elbow, make him a Bomber. When he gets to the floor below (you may have to make him a Jumper to get him down there, depending on where he lands after the explosion), select a spot where he can be made a Roper and turn back to set the grappling hook through the opening in the pipe up to the top of the inverted triangle platform above the checkered block. As soon as he shoots the rope make him a Roper again and make him rope to a part of the platform above and to the right that only a climber will be able to reach after walking up the rope.

    Now go to the landing pit and make someone a Roper and have him rope to the block on the right side of the pit. When the lemmings start to walk out of the pit, make one of the leaders a Jumper twice to get him out in front of the pack. When he gets on the green inverted triangle shaped platform, make him a Glue Pourer. Now go over to the wall on the far right and check on the progress of the climber and wait for him to reach the top again. When he does, make him a Shimmier. Immediately pause the game and go back to the lemming pack; they should be turning around at the wall on the left. (If you missed them all, you'll have to wait for them to return). Make someone a Roper at the wall and wait for all the lemmings to leave him before having him rope to the top of the platform on the right. When he gets to the platform with the scooped out hole above his head, make him a Roper at the wall on the left and have him rope to the bottom of the scooped out opening. When he gets to the gap on the next platform up, make him a Glue Pourer.

    Sports 10: Take Up Archery

    (Or take lessons from Robin Hood!!)

    This level is, in my opinion, an extremely difficult level to execute as it requires very quick reaction times. Slowing your system in some manner may help a little, but that's not a guarantee. Because of the speed of the runner and the rather short distances involved, time is not a consideration.

    Since there is no way to stall the lemmings, the leader will have to stay ahead of them. As the lead scout drops from the entrance, make him a Runner and make him Jump twice to get a lead on those who follow. Then Jump off the landing platform. At the instant he stands up, make him an Archer and have him put 2 arrows back to back (2nd arrow in the tail of the first) low on the opposite wall. Then make him Jump over onto the arrows to turn him around. (At this time he will jump on his own off the arrows and land stunned for a moment before proceeding).

    Next, have him jump the next gap and turn around and put 2 arrows (back to back again) at the apex of the previous ledge on the left of the gap so those who follow can cross over safely.

    Repeat the procedure for the next gap, only you may need 3 arrows here.

    When he gets even farther to the right and finds himself under a wide vertical shaft, have him shoot an arrow almost straight up and slightly to the right so the arrow will fall to his right and turn him around to the left. Immediately make him a Roper and have him set the grappling hook into the platform ramp on the left. Make him use 2 arrows to close the gap at the far left end of the platform. At this point the pressure is off. Make the leader a Roper and have him rope up to the left side of the exit platform.

    Note: Keep rope lengths to a minimum as they do not appear to stretch as far as in some other levels (which is probably to keep the leader from setting a rope in the right side of the exit platform).

    This walkthrough was written by Warren Buss. All rights reserved.