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    USENET - alt.lemmings
    The one and only Lemmings newsgroup. Although its message traffic is light, this is the best place to post messages about the Lemmings games.

    Oh No! It's the Lemmings Games Web Page
    The original Lemmings fan page maintained by Thomas Linder in Austria. This site was the main inspiration behind the creation of The Lemmings Compendium. Unfortunately, Thomas doesn't have time to update the page anymore, but it still has a lot of information. The custom Lemmings graphics are a nice touch as well.

    A nice Lemmings page with a comprehensive downloads section, including links to Amiga demos! Check out the new design - it is very slick!

    VTM Lemmings Page
    This is the home of the new LemEdit, a very cool Lemmings level editor. Visit the page and download a copy!

    Thinker Home Page
    The home of Thinker, a Lemmings-like game created by Aidan B. Check it out!

    Pingus Home Page
    A well-done clone of Lemmings using the Linux penguin mascot. Pingus is available for Win32 and Linux. Check it out!

    The World of the Lemmings
    Another nice Lemmings page by Karl Meyer. Karl designed a few levels for Peter Spada's clone before it was discontinued. His page has a really cool Lemmings quiz for you to test your Lemmings expertise! Can you get a perfect score?

    The Peanut Butter & Ketchup Lemmings Page
    A fledgling Lemmings page with music, pics and downloads.

    Lemmings Fan Page
    A Lemmings page with utilities, including trainers, cheats and level randomizers.

    Psygnosis Home Page
    The publishers of the Lemmings games. Check here to order those classic Lemmings games.

    DMA Design Home Page
    The creators of the Lemmings concept and developers of the games. Their site has recently been updated with new content and a better layout.