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    The Fun Levels Walkthrough

    Fun 1 - Easy Zone

    The flag is barely visible in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Just walk over and grab it!

    Fun 2 - Difficult (NOT!)

    Pull the green lever to lower the flag.

    Fun 3 - Flag on a Hill

    Walk across the grassy platform to the left. Go toward the back and through the opening in the fence. The flag is up the ramp.

    Fun 4 - Only Built for Lemming Use

    Pull the lever to raise the gate.

    Fun 5 - Halt! Who Goes There?

    The first sign of opposition! Load up the gun and get ready to shoot! Hang back by the green patch and you'll be out of their range. Blast two lemmings and the flag is unprotected.

    Fun 6 - Moonbase Alpha

    Raise the gate by pulling the green lever. Shoot the lemming and capture the flag.

    Fun 7 - 2-1 Against!

    Be prepared to shoot the two lemmings right away. Pull the lever to raise the gate. Go through the gate and pull the other lever to lower the flag.

    Fun 8 - But the Flag's Over There...

    Take a balloon ride over the wall to the flag.

    Fun 9 - What Happens When I Stand Here?

    Come out shooting here. Go stand between the fence posts for an elevator ride to the flag.

    Fun 10 - Float to Victory

    Grab the balloon and float over the flames to the flag.

    Fun 11 - Just Slide

    Take the blue path and slide all the way to the flag.

    Fun 12 - Fly the Flag

    Hop on the catapult to fly across the frozen ground. Then pull the green lever to raise the bridge to the flag.

    Fun 13 - What Does This Button Here Do?

    One lemming operates the green lever to lower and raise the platform for the other lemming. Then, a little climbing gets the flag.

    Fun 14 - Switch in Time

    Have one lemming operate the lever to lower the brick walls. The other lemming needs to be ready to shoot the enemy when the walls come down.

    Fun 15 - Here...There...Oh Anywhere

    Hop off on the left and take the yellow brick road to pull the green lever. Go back to the beginning on top of the platform and take the blue/back path around to the flag.

    Fun 16 - Time Flies

    Stand on that light patch of ground while the other lemming pulls the green lever. Go up the ramp and jump on the trampoline to bounce over to the flag.

    Fun 17 - Oh Blast!

    Blast away at the gray walls to lower them and the flag.

    Fun 18 - Cods Law

    Grab the clock. Pull the lever and take the path to the right to reach to flag.

    Fun 19 - Bouncy, Bouncy!

    One lemming operates the lever to lower and raise the jumping platform for the trampoline. Take a double jump to the flag.

    Fun 20 - Bounce to Victory

    Click on the crate to get the red key. Use the key to open the gate toward the back. Stand in the "L" of the wall ahead. The other lemming pulls the lever and raises a platform. Bounce on the trampoline over to the flag.

    Fun 21 - Bounce to Victory 2

    Four flags to capture in this level. Take the lemmings one at a time on the path created by the trampolines. The platforms spell out Lemmings! The flags are on the "!"

    Fun 22 - Happy Days

    The row of bricks past the paintballs is an elevator to the ground floor. Find the green lever and pull it once, only once. Go back to the beginning. The two-tone blue steps are now a slide to the flag.

    Fun 23 - Lem Gambino

    Load up your gun and pull the green lever. Head over to the left and face off against a gang of lemmings. Cross over to the next platform and pull the green lever. Head toward the front of the screen for extra time and the flag.

    Fun 24 - Next We Have a Cuddly Lemming

    Pull the green lever at the end of the left and center moving sidewalks. The flag is at the end of the right one.

    Fun 25 - Mamamia the Ground is Moving

    The first lemming takes the floating tile in the middle across to a green lever. Use this lever to move the other lemming on the left floating tile to a green lever. Bring the first lemming back to the center and to the right floating tile. The second lemming's green lever will send him to the flag.

    This walkthrough was written by Hannah. All rights reserved.